Applications (Apps) – An effective business tool for Startups

A startup based on an idea, purpose or as a solution to fill a void; has been the goto protocol for many budding entrepreneurs or companies alike. Many startups have started and failed to see their end goal reached against all the successful ones we see today (Reference: Startup Statistics) A right business plan, approach and market understanding is crucial to ensure the success of any endeavor and there are many proven strategies and tools to assist one in this exercise.

There are a host of consultants, agencies and enterprises today that are built around nurturing startups by providing them with domain knowledge where it is needed or business acumen when one falls short. These consultants, agencies and enterprises come with the aim of ensuring the best ROI with tools and processes to ensure the mission and vision of the startup are met.

The start of the business is in itself a herculean task as a first step. The idea or innovation aside, many startups fail to establish a strong foundation here and all the efforts put in after this, crumble in many spectacular ways. The following time and market-tested data and combining it with tools and processes built by experienced organizations will only benefit a startup in realizing its goals and fulfilling its objectives.

A succinct ‘Application’ or ‘App’ is a well rounded, handy product that has time and again proven its versatility in reaching a broad audience and ensuring the objective is met. A well-designed app is an ideal tool in realizing a startup’s mission and vision due to its access and availability. Any user with a smartphone is a potential customer and the advancements in the telecom industry have ensured a healthy segment of today’s population are smartphone users or will be one shortly. With a spectacular audience pool in the millions, any startup is potentially set to succeed with the right app that has been designed and delivered to the right set of audience


Some of the standout advantages of having an App as a front end for your business are:


Value Add to Customers

All customers deserve the best service any potential company or enterprise has to offer. These include and are not limited to – Access to the right information, Access to 24/7 support, Access to any new enhancement or product launches, etc., These are all possible efficiently through a well thought off and designed app. This is especially an improved ‘Value Add’ for your business against traditional avenues of information dissemination.

Stand Out amongst Competitors

Customers today are always on the lookout for who the best company is for the service they are looking for or who have achieved the desired expectations. A well-designed app is an ideal ‘lure’ for any potential customer as it makes a company or enterprise stand out amongst others. An app offers a brilliant and precise view of a company’s service and when used right it can be a sure shot tool to be the differentiator amongst everyone.

An amazing Marketing Tool

Communication is key in running a customer or client-centric business. Having an effective communication channel in the front end through an app is vital for prospective customers or clients to know more about the services and offerings of any company. An app is an effective marketing tool for this activity and it can also be the forerunner in talking about the company itself.

Develop Customer Commitment

Customer retention and loyalty are extremely valuable. Any company or enterprise needs this for a successful run in today’s challenging business environment. Having an app that is essentially part of their daily digital time, is an effective way to ensure the company and its products are on their minds constantly. This in turn will increase loyalty and expand the company’s customer base.

The above four are definitely not the ONLY advantages of ‘Applications’ or ‘Apps’ being an effective tool for the success of a startup. These are but a high-level view of the plenty other advantages that apps have to offer for any startup in its initial stages. This blog is an attempt at strengthening the idea of an app as an integral part of any business ecosystem. When designed and executed right, the app becomes the cause and means for the best ROI of any business today

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