User Experience and Visual Design – A crucial and integral part of Product Development


User Experience and User Interface, form a critical phase in any Product Development Exercise. UX/UI and Graphic Designers need to understand the expectancies of the users and understand the mindset of people. Having dealt with that, a creative and enthusiastic approach, helps create a user experience that will drastically help UX designers in following through the entire design process of the product. For appealing and winning products, UX designers should be inquisitive. They should research and gain knowledge about the products and the features that are capable of performing great in the market.

In this article, we discuss some of the tips and tricks any UX/UI designer or Graphic Designers can incorporate to improve their design. Besides that, we’ve also focused on the mandatory processes that help the UX / UI designers complete the project in hand while satisfying the expectations of audiences at the same time.

System of Visual Design

Every well-thought and designed approach will always be a center of attraction, so designers should ensure that all the integral aspects are well built.

  • Design of the product should be simple. Simplicity denotes straightforwardness and many designers feel impressive and complex designs make for a more impactful audiences, but all it does is risk the audience’s trust into assuming that a hidden flaw or error is being covered up.
  • Graphic designers should not follow trends that doesn’t work for everyone, designers have to know the purpose of design, it’s market perception, what is cool or hot, etc.while keeping in mind individual preferences.
  • Many designers focus on the means to tackle a problem easily and some designers concentrate only on the tool and not so much on the result. A healthy combination of the right tools and right attitude towards achieving the right solution for a user is the perfect middle ground that every designer should be aware of.

Process of Design

Understanding the objective of the project before starting a project is essential.

  • Designers should gather as much information they can with all aspects of a project before they start planning. They need to understand the particular campaign, function, product, and message so that they can ascertain the main motive of the particular project.
  • After developing the perception of the project and gathering all the related content, a complete understanding of the scope of the project can be outlined.
  • Professional developers know that inspirational, informational and motivational project needs, the visually managing skills by which audiences can get their goals and responses whether it is to attend or sustain or perform.

Practice the Design

During the development process, a visual designer must be aware of the things he/she sees and lives through everyday routine. This will enable a perspective that is common yet unique to each and everyone. Much like when one drives around in a car, we notice the billboards, signages, posters etc., – these everyday links to what is current and valid must be inculcated into the practice. This tends to evolve into a product that is great and meaningful

  • Your design should express everything through visuals, message, tone, and graphics.
  • The design should be specifically based on what you see and to whom it is communicating and what are the target audiences.
  • A graphic designer should understand the inclusion of images and words whether they work together or not! For example, a movie poster will only attract viewers only after the inclusion of impressive words.
  • Know what doesn’t work for the given design and it will be a key to produce an awesome design that can also come from your intuitional mind and after being successful, you’ll be a successful graphic designer.

Always Focus on Exceptional Product Design

The design of product – when unique compared to others, is always appreciated. A product which is convenient to use and beautifully designed gets a lot of applauds from customers and enabling success in a short span of time. If splash pages show details, it will give an effective and outstanding result with a great ROI.

Don't Take Any Fee Initially From Your Users

It is very important to convince your users and get their buy in. A free sign up is a lucrative model to hook the customers. Once your design speaks well and is liked, further enhancements and updates are all part of the plan to get a good ROI.

You should design the product to force your users to join us and put the information of those products on the list first that they want most. This will drastically help UI / UX designer to increase the conversation from their client. The key is to let the design speak for you.

Feedback is important

Feedback matters a lot for a UI / UX designer. This forms the basis of motivation to constantly improve one’s work. Positive feedback must be taken on face value and negative feedback must be absorbed well. This can only result in designers learning and understanding different clients and different backgrounds. In the long run, a well rounded designer will be able to work and understand with a diverse set of needs.


UX and Visual designer must stick to the contemporary trend of technology with the new features & tools during their work. Meantime, they should also focus on the needs of users as well! A thriving UX designer is greatly able to understand the ideas of the people and also explain the work done by them. Thus these designers can assist buyers in getting the transparency about the products with the same expectations after the completion of the project or product.


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