Data Analytics Solutions

Businesses are realizing the power of data analytics solutions to drive revenue generation, build innovative products, provide superior customer service to score over competition. But the real problem is - how do you engineer and implement the right data analytics solution that will bring transformation in your organization. There are many tools available in the market that vary in terms of capability, functionality and levels of maturity. Finding the right fix that matches their requirements, amidst the data deluge is becoming a Herculean task.

Structure your chaotic, and complex organizational data by developing the right analytical tools and solutions to accelerate your decision-making process. Build a solid framework that delivers standardized, robust and easy-to-use data analytics platform.

At Tarams, we leverage our expertise to unlock the real value from your data.


We offer an end-to-end data analytics solution encompassing consulting, engineering, implementation, maintenance and enhancement services. Build a robust Business Intelligence strategy, data analysis, and performance tuning solutions with visual Business Intelligence and analytics dashboards.

Own data analytics team without investing huge capital expenditure

Create highly visual reports and dashboard without any coding

Get quick answers to your business queries and get better control over your processes

Enjoy a great support team when you struggle to analyze a data or prepare a chart

Compile data from multiple sources and get a complete view of your business


We guide you to find the right data analytics tools or develop your own tools and integrate them with other analytical suites or platform. Our team undertakes data mining/discovery analysis followed by evaluation, structure your corporate data, analyze and prepare insights.

Vision and strategy roadmap for optimum data value realization

Business case development for tools and technology evaluation

Data migration planning with Business Intelligence assessment

Setting up right metrics for Business Intelligence ROI measurement

Query historical data to strategize future roadmap with deliverables


The Tarams team can help you to devise and integrate new predictive models for your business processes that deliver superior performance.

Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics

Plan ahead with predictive analysis and execute your strategies with prescriptive analytics

Digital Analytics

Get comprehensive reports from all your digital assets and follow data-driven decision-making

Interactive Reporting and Dashboards

Custom build your reports through self-service data preparation tools

Data science

Cleanse data quickly to expedite business processes and delivery time


Harness the power of IoT from different data sources like sensors and explore new business opportunities

Real-time Analytics

Identify key performance issues, warning, anomalies and causes of errors to mitigate enterprise risks

Artificial intelligence

Process complex data pattern with intelligent algorithms for easy decision making

Visual Data Exploration

Get quick insights on your business with relevant data to spot patterns for better strategy

Machine learning

Automate the entire analytical model to find hidden insights with iterative algorithms

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