Application Development, Maintenance & Enhancement

Today, many business applications operate outside the firewall. The applications are also more diversified than ever before. Cloud- based CRM systems, legacy ERP systems, in-house BI tools, and the list goes on. As your business grows, all your existing systems will require a major upgrade or tactical software enhancements depending on the specific situation. When it comes to application development and enhancement, we focus on three things: accessibility, functionality, and high level of user engagement. We have the technical skills and industry expertise to create intuitive mobile app that can transform your business by giving the best user experience to the customer.

Seamless integration of the new with legacy systems, interoperability of apps on different platforms, and their ability to scale up as per customer demands are new business imperatives. We help companies to modernize their apps and systems without causing business disruption.


Our consultants strategize the entire application roadmap delivery – from development, implementation to enhancement services across all custom and enterprise grade applications. We build secure applications that integrate well with existing software systems and cloud services. Get your software enhanced for your growing staff, to upgrade customer services or to implement a new strategic plan.

Create custom web application that is secure and highly scalable

Enhance your current software and systems to adapt with new business requirements

Customize pre-packaged software solutions from other vendors

Design, develop, upgrade, maintain and support web apps

Migrate disjointed software packages into one integrated web-based application

Port legacy applications

Make your business flexible and scalable

We build a comprehensive end-to-end web system delivering portal design and development with custom web applications. Right from consulting to designing, and from maintaining to software upgrade services you get a reliable technology partner in us. We leverage both waterfall and agile methodologies depending upon project scope and customer preferences. We offer strong capabilities in Cloud service integration with 3rd party systems like Azure, Marketo, Lithium, and Zendesk. Besides, strong security features like Single Sign On and SAML protect your critical information from web-based attacks.

Attractive user interface for great customer experience

End-to-end solution from implementation to maintenance

Reduced IT costs through simplified cloud-based solutions

Optimized business automation for operational efficiency

Upgrades and add-on capabilities whenever your business needs them

Software enhancement services create room for new functionality/features and to correct any bugs in your current application/systems. Our deep expertise helps you to quickly add enhancements and other features to your software without disrupting day-to-day business operations.

Custom-built re-engineering projects for business continuity - Repeated many times

Responsive enhancements and upgrade to customer’s requirements

Prototyping, testing, bug fixing and continuous support for maintenance & upgrades from other servers for data deduplication

Build the right product with us

Do you want to build or upgrade an application? Talk to our specialists