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Big Data Consulting Services

With the proliferation of digital devices, IoT and sensors, the volume, variety and velocity (3Vs) of data is growing more complex and when you add them to your traditional data infrastructure it is even more. In addition to the 3Vs, now there are two more additions to the list: variability and value. Yet, the fundamental challenge of Big Data remains the same.

At Tarams, we approach Big Data not as a buzzword, but as a solution for strategic business decision-making. Our team of experts offer you the best technology consulting and services on your journey towards implementing your Big Data plans.
Our big data capabilities
Get real-time insights from the disparate data sources
Minimize risks by controlling events that adversely impact business performance
Save time and costs by accessing the right data when you need them the most
Integrate data and break down information silos from different business units
Enhance data security and plug revenue leakage
Leverage Cloud solutions for a scalable and agile environment.
Experience the real power of data with Tarams Big Data consulting services! Consult and architect
We help you choose the right Big Data platforms by breaking down silos and creating holistic data strategies. Big Data when managed right can yield immense business benefits. In todays’ data-driven organizations have better chances to succeed than their counterparts that ignore to leverage Big Data.Our technology consultants, data engineers & data scientists will work with you to enhance your operational efficiency and gain competitive edge.
Manage capacity planning and performance
Continuous upgrade and data optimization
Define strategies
Workable blueprint for realizing data goals
Provide technology evaluation and recommendations
Right solution for every data requirement
Build Proof-of-Concepts
Feasibility assessment of solutions implementation
Discover use cases
Get a self- service Business Intelligence model for your business team
Build end-to-end framework from big data platform to solutions Engineer, monitor and maintain
We can help you with the right skills, tools and expertise to turn your business problems into business insights. Our data engineers analyse and integrate all your data (both structured and unstructured ) and try to make it tangible for your business. Our expertise in cloud computing platforms including AWS, Google, Azure, IBM and Oracle enable us quickly build bespoke Big Data platforms that can be up and running within hours, and not days.
Data modeling and integration services
Access quality data with just a click
Data ingestion
Process diverse data formats with a quick turnaround time
Scalable data infrastructure
Manage increasing data with complete ease
Platform migrations
Interactive and iterative access to the stored data
Log management and monitoring
Consolidate and query any log or machine data
Social media integration
Knows customer trends and buying insights
Analytics, reports and visualization
Use your data more effectively for business decisions
Search and document indexing
Save time in document fishing
Distributed caching solutions
Pool resources from other servers for data deduplication
Discover the hidden opportunities in your data.
Connect to our Big Data experts