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In the idea economy, the investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

Video as a form of content has always displayed great caliber to scale and support education programmes. Conventional video technology caters to a wide array of learning needs but limited to point

The ever-growing glut of consumer data across all the value chains has opened up multiple doors of opportunities for today’s businesses.

But the data processing mechanism & management in

Have you ever wondered how the software testing industry is growing so strong and steady? I mean, no developer likes to have a bug in the application. We have an impression that software testing is

We have seen a huge amount of buzz on cloud computing and its future in recent years. Cloud enables companies to make their back-end architecture virtual and shift the responsibilities of setting u

It is rapidly becoming necessary for small, micro, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to mechanize their software testing processes. It becomes all the more crucial while focusing on the improveme

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