Moving to the cloud? Accelerate your business transformation with Tarams Cloud solutions. Cloud is emerging as a key enabler of connected economies driving growth. Due to the ballooning of digital information flow, businesses today need dynamic scalability to keep pace with the customers, vendors and other stakeholders. As a result, companies are scouting for cloud computing service providers who can offer accessibility, convenience, affordability, and big storage space.

Cloud Consulting Solutions

Companies need cloud technology services that can help them to bridge the gap between IT infrastructure requirements and growing business demands. Our role is precisely to fill this gap. We help you develop and execute a holistic cloud strategy tailored to your needs
Cloud consulting solutions that help you to choose the right solution Tarams Digital consultants conduct an in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements. Based on the findings, we help you to adopt rapid cloud infrastructure provisioning. Our consulting offerings:
Cloud readiness assessment Know if your business is ready for the cloud
Platform selection and migration models Get the discerning picture before moving to cloud
Cloud strategy and deployment roadmap Understand how resources and applications are going to function and perform
Assets assessment for cloud migration Asses the readiness of existing software and systems
Contingency plan for cloud security and other risk mitigation Avoid business downtime and deliver improved customer service
Get your business applications on the leading cloud platforms with Tarams Digital We design reliable, secure, scalable, and on-demand cloud infrastructure, software, and applications for companies of all sizes. With our proven expertise in building blocks on cloud framework, we eliminate guesswork and minimize the production time. The result: you get a rapid cloud implementation. Plus, you will have the added benefits of best-practices implementation that ensure compliance and security. Our services:
Building of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Grow your business without worrying about your infrastructure
Security & Testing services Ensure data protection with the best-in-class cloud security
Cloud Integration services Get all the accessibility and scalability that your business needs within a quick turnaround time
Deployment and allied infrastructure services Reduce your IT costs significantly by deploying lean and agile cloud solutions
Application development on platforms such as Amazon, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Salesforce Get all the accessibility and scalability that your business needs within a quick turnaround time
The shift in IT spending from traditional hardware and software to cloud computing will continue over the next 5 years. The transfer will total $ 1 trillion, according to Gartner.
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