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DevOps Development and operations - bringing you the best of both worlds!

Development and Operations

Drastically changing business landscapes and disruptive technologies are driving enterprises to make a quick transition from legacy infrastructure. Organizations need solutions that are agile, flexible and quickly scalable to remain competitive. In the last few decades, the software development lifecycle has moved on from traditional project-based implementations and periodic maintenances to rapid delivery and continuous improvements. The ability to introduce new technology for continuous business improvements has become very essential for constantly evolving businesses. DevOps is the new software engineering approach that enables the collaboration of business, development, and operations teams together to enhance IT and streamline processes.
DevOps – a collaborative approach that works for your business
With Tarams DevOps solutions, enterprises no more need to work in silos. Our solutions automate, standardize and orchestrate development and operational tasks for continuous improvement. Whether it is infrastructure deployment, rigorous testing or application monitoring, we offer best-in-class developmental frameworks that are highly scalable and robust in nature.
Delivering custom made solutions for better business impact
Tarams expertise in delivering end-to-end DevOps platforms makes it easy to offer bespoke solutions for individual customers. Our DevOps solutions are designed keeping collaboration, integration and automation in mind. The prime objective is to ensure there are no bottlenecks in software development, thus ensuring agile delivery and rapid software prototyping for best-in-class solutions. Here is what you can do with our DevOps services:
Seamlessly provision DevOps environments for each project based on their requirements.
Continuously monitor iterative development processes.
Develop and deliver new features through unified development environment.
Enhance automation for rapid deployments across multiple platforms.
Optimize workflow management for efficient communication and coordination.
Make the best use of existing development tools integrate with DevOps solution for agile delivery.
End redundancies and manual process through automation and continuous development
Most SMBs, ISVs and mid-scale enterprises are still utilizing redundant manual processes to design and build solutions. Tarams brings in industry leading expertise to offer DevOps services that are critical for their growth and profitability. DevOps solutions are designed to bridge the existing gap between Software development, Quality assurance, and IT operations teams. We make sure enterprises deliver quality software products and services by constantly improving operational performance.
Our DevOps services
DevOps consulting services
DevOps configuration management
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Infrastructure Automation
Infrastructure Monitoring/Management
Platform-as-a-service (Paas)
Our DevOps approach
Efficient lines of code and rapid deployments
Agile project delivery frameworks and continuous monitoring.
Continuous product improvements
Proactive services to demanding businesses
Improved visibility and greater transparency
Continuous collaboration and cooperation
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