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Organizations struggle to achieve optimum utilization of Learning Management System(LMS) capabilities. Top challenges include inadequate integration and inflexible reporting capabilities. In addition to outdated technology, inefficiency in adapting processes to the LMS software and the inability to consolidate with other LMS platforms are other common challenges. Customization also remains as one of the top LMS challenges, since most of the LMS platforms come with standard “off the shelf” features. So, they need to be customized to suit unique learning requirements of the clients.

Our effective reporting and system integration help you to develop activity-based metrics for measuring the real impact of learning on your business or institutions. Tarams Digital learning platform supports millions of end-users across the world. Designed to remove limits to learning, our systems have solutions for diverse learners and instructors, whether K-12, higher education, universities and corporate organizations.

Integrate seamlessly with e-commerce solutions to provide value added services to end-users.
Access content from multiple sources for an integrated experience through our unified LMS interface.
Effectively assess your integrated LMS with external assessment systems & custom assessment solutions.
Build personalized apps for the best learning experience.

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With LMS continuing to account for a significant chunk of the learning and training budget, we can be your strong partner to bring the advantages of a strong learning technology strategy.
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