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Digital Education Platform Development

The traditional education model is transforming in response to digital technology and culture and new models have emerged. Higher education, K-12 sector and proffesional education segments are reinventing their learning spaces to become student-centric. Key challenges of the education industry serve as drivers to redefine learning models and include:

Keeping pace with a digital culture that demands 24/7 access, anytime-anywhere learning
Student-driven personalized learning
Pressure on higher education institutions to reduce costs, increase access and improve performance
Take complete control over your digital classroom
The smart education and learning market is estimated to grow from $193B in 2016 to $586B by 2021, at a CAGR of 24.84%
Collaborate with students, instructors & parents and share education resources from all over the world
Easy-to-use and feature-rich user interface
Plan ahead with predictive analysis and execute your strategies with prescriptive analytics. Leverage our intuitive user experience for admins and end users to create groups, assign work, schedule events and manage progress all on one platform.
Integration with e-commerce systems
Configure a simplified, easy-to-use, and secure enterprise e-commerce interface to enable you get the best of both worlds.
Sell online courses. Link learning activities back to the LMS for tracking.
Use our point-and-badge recognition system to create a fun and competitive learning environment, and incentivize the right learning behavior.
Virtual classroom and mobile learning
Free your users to learn when and where it is most convenient including mobile learning.
Synchronize offline content and deploy mobile analytics on a user-friendly interface.
Integration with third party LMS
Integrate with other enterprise and external systems for an even richer, more robust learning experience (Blackboard, Canvas or any other LMS; Claro, Articulate, Captivate or any other authoring tool)
Social media integration
Use the comfort and familiarity of social media channels to share and learn with our social media integration features.
Reports for informed actions
Leverage our feature of built-in reports to extract actionable data.
Deliver a superior LMS experience with our features of agility, speed and comprehensive versatility.
Build your custom digital learning solutions
Our solutions are trusted by millions of end users.