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License Management & Customer Onboarding

Today enterprises need licensing information and data across multiple divisions of the organization from engineering, operations, sales, product management, IT , support and customer services. Each of these departments needs to be connected to the needs of your customer ecosystem with respect to licensing and entitlement management.
Software compliance and audit, new customer on-boarding process, intelligent market insights are some of the critical areas that cut across whether you are a small, medium or enterprise organization.
If these areas are addressed through a well -designed license management and on-boarding solution, it can immensely help you right from conceptualizing and engineering your new products to finally selling and providing customer support.
Build customized workflow to manage your license generation and customer on boarding process
Streamline your day-to-day operations with a centrally tracked and managed system
Achieve optimum utilization of software licenses
Run effective day-to-day operations
Provide a unified view for both your internal and external customers by integrating it with systems like Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle etc.
Drive potential cost savings
Let’s help your engineering team to design world class products
We believe that your engineering team should be virtually facing your customers every day. The impact of customer facing engineering team is huge, all the way from design thinking and engineering to finally going live with your new software products. The data available through various customer touch points is not often disseminated to your engineering team and they starts collecting this info from disparate sources within and outside your sources which may not be providing them with a 360 degree view of the existing and potential customer.

Tarams intuitive License management and on-boarding solution is “First-of-its-kind” that bridge the gap between your customer and engineering team to engineer products that give the competitive edge.
Use data generated by your customers to engineer new products
Collaborate with your sales, operations team to stay current
Have access to the usage patterns, demographics of the customer
Review customer analytics to better understand customers
Provide a download server to the customer and monitor the usage
Streamline your operations with our unified license management & customer on-boarding system
Our licensing management solution helps vendor to streamline their operations, assist product management teams to gain better insights on customer ordering and order processing. We are delighted to provide solutions that help product management and sales teams to gain greater insights from customer activation and usage statistics. Advanced reporting capabilities provided by license management solutions helps to maximize the efficiency and compliance.
Communicate & track your conversation with your customer
Provide single sign-on for your customers for all the touch points
Integrate with ticketing system for better customer support
Streamline order management processes
Planning to optimize your licence management operations?
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