License Management Services - Sales

Today solution vendors want to align various product configurations and flexible licensing models for new revenue opportunities. They require solutions that provide greater visibility into annual license activations and corresponding entitlements to create revenue forecasts and build sales pipeline. Additionally vendors need detailed reporting capabilities about customers, their licenses, software activations & related entitlements.

With our comprehensive license management solution, solution vendors can gain proactive insights about customer license usage. These insights can help vendors to create better pricing models and package the product based on customer needs. With this, sales

Improve buyer conversion through self-service portal

Assist your sales team to generate revenue and identify revenue leakage

Track your product performance with granular insights life-cycle management

Maintain a centralized system to ensure effective activation and usage information

Allow new/existing users to generate trial licenses through an easy-to-use, self-service flow.

Get instant reports on usage and entitlement to maximize efficiency and compliance

Track market insights by integrating data points for robust product releases in future


Tarams “Unified license management and customer on-boarding solution” provides your sales team a holistic view of all the activities your customers have with your company like operations, help desk, product downloads, trial usage, compliance and usage info to advocate the right solutions to their prospects and customers.

Our team possess in-depth domain expertise around CRM systems that your sales teams use and can integrate our license management platform with CRM systems to deliver innovative solutions for the businesses. Whether you run on, Microsoft Dynamics, Soho, Oracle or SAP, we cover all of them.

Increase your sales pipeline, conversion and customer retention by integrating with Salesforce or other CRM application

Predict your market demand, align your sales & marketing activities based on market insights from your new customer base

Generate new revenue opportunities and flexible license entitlements

Gain insights to strategize revenue forecasts

Increase footfalls and upsell with efficient Licence Management

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