License Management & Customer onboarding Solution

Your software user ecosystem is dramatically undergoing change in terms of their expectations, usage patterns and Infrastructure. Independent software companies ranging from Small and midsized to enterprise are seeing new challenges and exploring solutions that address their diverse customer ecosystem to provide superior customer experience.

We at Tarams believe that “one size does not fit all” since each company has its own set of unique challenges. Our custom build License management & Customer On boarding solution is “first ever” that addresses the entire spectrum of your customer on boarding, license management and sales operations.

Tarams’ unified licence management and customer on boarding solution – simply ahead of the curve

Whether you are an enterprise or a startup with an innovative product in the market, we understand your business and customer expectations to create a win-win situation. Our custom built solution wins over home grown point solutions since it addresses all areas right from the first touch point your customer has with your company till they become your loyal customer.

Connect the dots and create a transparent view of your customer life cycle

We completely understand the pain areas that ISVs go through in terms of software licensing, packaging and compliance; our solution is developed to eliminate these barriers. The integrated digital platform on which our solution is built has three dimensions – customer, software vendor sales and software vendor operations and transactions between all these three entities are seamless and aimed to provide the customer a superior experience.

Customers can easily log onto the platform to try out the product and get the same deployed with ease. Your sales team will have the capability to track the customer engagement as well as issue the software license from the CRM platform as this platform is integrated to the sales ecosystem. The third entity is the operation that deals with user management, customer on-boarding and finally the self-service environment for the customer to connect with the community, help desk, administer their accounts etc.

Our solutions offer complete control over enterprise asset and license management. Tarams is committed to assist enterprises in controlling costs and remain compliant as they grow and expand.


Integrate all departments and prevent disconnects while you on board your new customer, monitor compliance and manage software assets with our intuitive platform


Empower your sales team with a unified platform to sell, monitor & co-ordinate with stakeholders to prevent revenue leakage


Predict, suggest & track your license sales by integrating our intelligent platform with your CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zoho, & Oracle.

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