Mobile App Development

Mobility is going mainstream. As per IDC research, almost all consumer facing apps and 75% of employee facing apps are expected to be built with a mobile-first mind-set. Today’s mobile apps range from B2C applications to enterprise-grade solutions that empower mission critical businesses processes. So mobility is going to impact businesses in a major way, and companies need to gear up for this mobile challenges to encash future growth opportunities.

Accelerate digital transformation by keeping mobility at the center of your business.

The massive adoption of smartphones and hand-held devices makes a compelling use-case to build cross-platform mobile applications. Developers need to code, validate, and test across multiple platforms to offer consistent user experience. Providing continuous application updates or bug-fixes is time-intensive. With our proven capabilities we ensure robust mobile application development and unparalleled user experience.


Tarams mobile solutions are designed to help clients create enriching customer experiences, facilitate enterprise mobility, and manage an agile and secured mobile environment. We develop cross-platform apps that run perfectly on different operating systems. Our mobile analytics tools effectively manage disparate data from multiple sources and allow you to tap its business potential. And we integrate security solutions in your system to ensure that all your mobile data is safe from vulnerabilities and other potential cyber-attacks.

Design and develop high-performance native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Override different frameworks and languages by using standard web technologies like PhoneGap and Sencha

Enable your employees to work from anywhere on any device with our enterprise mobility solutions

Track and gain insights through mobile analytics tools like Crittercism, Google Analytics, Flurry, and Mobile App tracker for traffic and performance insights


Our apps development expertise across multiple mobile platforms helps to quickly turn business ideas into mobile apps. Our capabilities across the mobile app development aim to cater broad-spectrum of services. We offer UI and UX design capabilities for cross–platforms with information architecture, wire frames, and user flows.

Rapid prototyping

Native/Hybrid Apps development

Mobile website with UI/UX design services

Custom built apps tailored to grow your business

Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime on any device driving employee engagement

Cross-platform compatibility with full data security and compliance.

Push notifications tools to run marketing campaigns and convey information to users

Built-in-user analytics to track usage and engagement

Port Legacy application services

AR utility to further enhance Digitalization through Mobility

Augmented Reality

We conglomerate mobility services with augmented reality technology to build innovative and bespoke next-generation augmented reality platforms that offer lifelike experience to your customers and give you an edge over the competition.

No matter what industry you’re in, we evaluate your requirements and develop profitable and viable augmented reality apps assuring cutting-edge usability for them.

Our tailored consumer-centric augmented reality platform instantly makes the experience interactive and compelling to the end user and the possibilities are endless- displaying real-time navigation, gesture recognition, image & object recognition, real-world 3D tracking and effects, enhanced Geo-location E-commerce and M-commerce.

Our team works across multiple SDKs and engineer robust and customer-centric augmented reality apps which are compatible with multiple form factors and platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)


Our engineers devise the right mobile strategy to develop flexible app models