Disruption is the new business reality. Are you ready for this digital challenge ?

Cloud, Social, Analytics, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things (IoTs) and wearables are rapidly disrupting existing business models. These technologies converge into one another creating disruption, which is often difficult to understand, let alone master or control it for business benefits. So, the million-dollar question is: How do you build a digital business model?

Digital Transformation Services

Tarams helps organizations address some of the digital challenges by leveraging new and emerging technologies to deliver better products, services and processes through digitization. Our offerings cover digital transformation consulting to Technology integration & support.


Meet growing business demands through our connected digital solution that offers accessibility, agility and scalability.

Cloud is emerging as a key enabler of connected economies driving growth. Due to the ballooning of digital information flow, businesses today need dynamic scalability to keep pace with the customers, vendors and other stakeholders. As a result, companies are scouting for cloud computing service providers who can offer accessibility, convenience, affordability, and big storage space. Find out more


Drive customer engagement and make informed business decisions by using our digital social media strategies.

Businesses have started drilling social media data to gain insights and competitive edge over its rivals. They have started using social media platforms for influencing and engaging customers in real time. Customer service support offered through social media platforms are also yielding great benefits. In addition, social media driven marketing helps companies reach the right target audience and generate revenue. All these factors have ushered into the growth of “Digital Social Enterprise”.

Internet Of Things

Capture all the insights from stored customer data across various connected devices on the Internet.

Semantically, IoT refers to an ecosystem of connected things (applications, objects, sensors and servers) on an internet network. IDC analysts have forecasted a growth in IoT solutions market value from $1.9 trillion in 2013 to $7.1 trillion in 2020. So, there is a tremendous amount of interest in IoT among the companies.

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