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QA is always critical to the success of product and services. A successful deployment and delivery of products depends on taking adequate anticipatory measures to avoid potential risks that could arise later on. The DevOps approach has accelerated the development build-test-deploy cycle. The time to perform QA has been reduced to hours, not in days or weeks.
Better testing process leads to better customer experience
A bespoke test process and strategy is indispensable to test performance. Our team is equipped with industry leading QA practices and frameworks to ensure highly reliable and robust solutions are delivered to customers. We are capable of delivering QA solutions around IoT, Cloud, and API, integration testing which needs to blend system performance, security, and user experience testing to further enhance the solutions.
Faster software delivery with better quality assurance
The concept rapid prototyping and continuous validation to deliver a robust product is the new QA framework. Continuous validation is required for agile testing methodologies and shortening the long test cycles. The new-age QA process focuses more on root-cause analysis, problem prevention in contrast to traditional QA process.
Upto 30% cost saving by shortening the full development life cycle
Frequent quality solution updates for enterprises demanding businesses
Ensure business agility through improved and optimized of software code and continuous deployments
Collaborate better by reducing redundancies and remedial work
Smooth transition to new environment with lesser defects and minimal disruption
Our services range from fully managed and end-to-end testing to independent testing for outsourced development projects. As a trusted solutions and services partner, we help you understand the quality of your existing applications, the challenges of integrating various new components of enterprise architecture from multi-vendors and the costs of associated risks at any point in time throughout the delivery life cycle.Key offerings:
Application Testing
Functional Testing
Product Testing
Support & Migration
Test Automation
Framework Development
Feasibility Study
Script Migration
Specialized Testing
Usability Testing
Performance Testing
CRM Testing
Exploratory Testing
SMAC Testing
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