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Enhancing Customer Support

Tarams Collaborates with Cloud Analytics Startup to Deploy AI-driven Ticket Identification Solution

About Our Client

A San Francisco-based startup specializing in cloud-based data science and analytics platforms faced challenges in identifying tickets and emails from disgruntled customers quickly to maintain a healthy customer base.

The Business Challenge

The client needed a smart mechanism to differentiate and prioritize tickets and emails from unhappy customers over regular ones. This was crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

The Solution

Tarams designed an algorithm using a neural network model and transfer learning methodology to address the client’s challenge. The algorithm was trained on open-source reviews and deployed at the client’s end, resulting in an 80% success rate in identifying required tickets and emails.

More Effective than Traditional Keyword-Based Approaches

The algorithm surpassed traditional keyword-based methods, ensuring better accuracy and relevance in ticket identification.

Real-time and Accurate Results

The solution provided real-time identification of disgruntled customer tickets and emails, enabling prompt responses and resolution.

Recognition of New and Unseen Patterns

The algorithm was capable of recognizing emerging patterns and trends in customer feedback, ensuring proactive support.

Fast Model Training

Leveraging transfer learning, the algorithm could be trained quickly and efficiently, minimizing time-to-deployment.

Always Learning and Improving

The algorithm continuously learned from new data and feedback, improving its accuracy and effectiveness over time.

The Results

The implementation of the AI-driven ticket identification solution yielded significant results:

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The client experienced enhanced customer satisfaction by promptly addressing issues raised by disgruntled customers.

Efficient Customer Support: The solution enabled the client to prioritize and resolve critical issues more effectively, leading to a healthier and more stable customer base.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By automating the ticket identification process, the client’s support team could focus their efforts on resolving customer issues, improving overall operational efficiency.


Tarams’ collaboration with the cloud analytics startup resulted in the successful deployment of an AI-driven ticket identification solution, revolutionizing customer support processes. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, the client was able to identify and address customer issues more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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