Insights To succeed in the idea economy, technology must be aligned to run the business
How seamless system integration by Tarams resulted in a 20% increase in E-Learning platform revenue Tarams Technologies facilitated a seamless integration system to an e-commerce platform for a Fortune 500 publishing firm resulting in over 1,50,000 registered users. read more
Boost revenues with easy and efficient license provisioning and customer management Tarams Technologies helped a fast-growing performance monitoring support company in the Bay area with a license provisioning and customer management platform. read more
Redesigning of Data Warehouse to enable automated ETL process Tarams Technologies redesigned the time-consuming data warehouse to a model that is faster and better to increase the productivity of operations read more
How a cloud-based Learning Management System attracted 8 million users Tarams Technologies provided a highly scalable business model which helped in generating new revenue streams for the client read more
Transforming a non-profit Digital Learning Platform in 6 months resulting in increased efficiency Tarams Technologies Content Management and Publishing solution completely transformed a US non-profit organization offering easier availability of content for its K-12 students. read more
Empowering Sales Organizations with SaaS based LMS platform for training Tarams Technologies helped a leading micro-finance institution in the Asia-Pacific region in lowering sales training cost and increasing sales productivity using a SaaS based LMS platform for imparting training to sales personnel spread across the globe. read more