Leverage the power of big data analytics in your digital enablement journey Understanding and interpreting the large volume of organizational data is crucial for streamlining operations and decision-making. The big challenge is to establish a scientific, data-driven framework for making decisions at the organization level. And there lies the opportunity too. The benefits of a data-driven framework can mean reduced costs and discovery of new business opportunities. read more
Best Onboarding Experience starts with understanding your customers Onboarding is a jittery and nail biting period. Customers want the best Vendor! Vendors want the customer to sign up with them. Onboarding doesn’t just associate both parties for the task at hand; it also brings to the fore their individual missions, work cultures, reputations and so on. So much is at stake in this venture and hence the need to succeed. read more
Millennials and the Zen of Digital Learning The Millennial or the Gen Y men and women are the talked about workforce since the start of this century. This generation is awash with information, technology, networking, and as everybody before this generation agrees, less attention time. Businesses need to reorient themselves if they are to engage and retain this generation of workforce. read more
Excel your sales conversions with focused customer onboarding techniques Converting a prospect to a customer and then on to on-boarding is a period that is crucial and of quite some heartache for a company. While customers want to be reassured that they have the best vendor, the latter on their part would want the customer to sign up with them. read more
Serverless Architecture Walking by this area of the office should give you the chills! Enter these rooms and you are greeted by the whirring noise of Servers. But of late, rows and rows of these black monoliths, housed in energy guzzling rooms are becoming less visible. Serverless architecture, a by-product of the Cloud phenomenon has generated enough buzz in Information technology field. read more
Digital Learning Solutions Data Sheet The traditional education model is transforming in response to digital technology and culture and new models have emerged. Higher education, K-12 sector and professional education segments are reinventing their learning spaces to become student- centric. read more
License Management & Customer Onboarding Solution Data Sheet With the software user ecosystem changing dramatically in terms of their expectations, usage patterns and Infrastructure, independent software companies, small, midsized and large enterprise need to address challenges emerging from a diverse customer ecosystem to be able to provide superior customer experience. read more
Tarams Business Intelligence Services Data sheet The proliferation of data in today’s connected world offers tremendous possibilities for analysis and decision making for organizations. Business Intelligence solutions help companies move from insight to action and to plug performance gaps. read more
Tarams Digital Data Sheet Cloud, Social, Analytics, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things (IoTs) and wearables are disruptive technologies that challenge existing business practices and provide newer solutions. These technologies overlap each other to some extent and it is often difficult to understand, let alone master or control it for business benefits. read more
How seamless system integration by Tarams resulted in a 20% increase in E-Learning platform revenue Tarams Technologies facilitated a seamless integration system to an e-commerce platform for a Fortune 500 publishing firm resulting in over 1,50,000 registered users. read more
Boost revenues with easy and efficient license provisioning and customer management Tarams Technologies helped a fast-growing performance monitoring support company in the Bay area with a license provisioning and customer management platform. read more
Redesigning of Data Warehouse to enable automated ETL process Tarams Technologies redesigned the time-consuming data warehouse to a model that is faster and better to increase the productivity of operations read more
How a cloud-based Learning Management System attracted 8 million users Tarams Technologies provided a highly scalable business model which helped in generating new revenue streams for the client read more
Transforming a non-profit Digital Learning Platform in 6 months resulting in increased efficiency Tarams Technologies Content Management and Publishing solution completely transformed a US non-profit organization offering easier availability of content for its K-12 students. read more
Empowering Sales Organizations with SaaS based LMS platform for training Tarams Technologies helped a leading micro-finance institution in the Asia-Pacific region in lowering sales training cost and increasing sales productivity using a SaaS based LMS platform for imparting training to sales personnel spread across the globe. read more