``In the long history of humankind (and animal kind too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.``
- Charles Darwin

Open JDK And Oracle JDK,
The Java Version story and what’s in store next?
There are a lot of users who use previous versions of Java such as 6 or 7, it’s...
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open JDK
There is a lot of buzz around users switching to OpenJDK from OracleJDK. Some are keen on it...
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Top Big Data Analytics trends
Top Big Data Analytics trends in 2019
2018 bought to fore a range of changes with reference to data. The significance of information within organizations...
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Data Analytics, Big Data
Data Analytics and Big Data – An Overview
2019 has seen an advent of technologies and practices that were not of great importance or significance in...
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Applications of Big Data Analytics in real life
Today, millions of users click pictures, make videos, send texts, and communicate with each other through various platforms....
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Insight into Big Data Trends and Future
Insight into Big Data Trends and Future
Just at the start of the century, we came across a number of technologies such as wireless, web...
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Visual Design
User Experience and Visual Design – A crucial and integral part of Product Development
User Experience and User Interface, form a critical phase in any Product Development Exercise. UX/UI and Graphic Designers...