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Innovating Healthcare Delivery

Tarams Collaborates with Leading Provider to Develop Modular Medication Management System, Redefining Clinical Pharmacy Practices

About Our Client

A leading healthcare company based in Nuevo León, Mexico, is dedicated to delivering innovative health and wellness solutions that enhance the lives of individuals and communities. As part of their commitment to excellence, they sought to streamline medication management processes for hospital clinical pharmacists.

The Challenge

The healthcare company faced the challenge of modernizing medication management practices to empower clinical pharmacists in efficiently managing prescriptions, dispensation, and patient reactions. They recognized the need for a comprehensive web application that could facilitate informed decision-making, from cost management to dose optimization.

The Solution

Tarams partnered with the client to design and develop a modular, n-tier mobile and web application tailored to the specific needs of clinical pharmacists. The solution included:

Responsive User Interface

Tarams crafted a responsive user interface; specifically tailored for clinical pharmacists, ensuring seamless usability across devices.

Application Database

An integrated database was implemented to gather all necessary patient information, providing pharmacists quick access to vital data for informed decision-making.

Alerts, Reminders, and KPIs

The application featured built-in alerts, reminders, and predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable cost savings and provide timely assistance to pharmacists.

Modular Design

Tarams developed the application with a modular design, compartmentalizing different modules such as hospital management, user management, patient management, medicine catalog and price list management, and a rule evaluation engine. Each module offered specific functionality to streamline medication management processes.

The Results

By implementing the solution developed by Tarams

Clinical pharmacists at healthcare provider’s hospitals experienced improved efficiency and accuracy in medication management.

The responsive user interface enhanced usability and accessibility across various devices.

The integrated database enabled pharmacists to access essential patient information promptly.

Built-in alerts, reminders, and KPIs facilitated proactive decision-making and cost savings.


Tarams’ collaboration resulted in the successful development and implementation of a comprehensive medication management solution. Through innovative technology and tailored features, the healthcare provider’s clinical pharmacists were empowered to make informed decisions, optimize medication usage, and ultimately enhance patient care.

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